Welcome Message:

"Sometimes to find resolution, what is needed is a forward thinking approach - therapeutic mediation - processing feelings, exploring all options and achieving an agreement"

Pamela Garber

Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for your interest in learning about mediation with me. Following is a basic overview.

Mediation is a collaborative process. Results are created by the clients during a communication style of equal participation from both parties. While the subject matter can be comprehensive and broad in nature, It is possible to hone in on the key factor and separate the crux of the matter from all of the other information.

Mediation is a forward thinking process. Within mediation sessions, the future is key and all focus and effort are channeled to creating the best possible future outcome. Mediation is collaborative and all subject matter, level of detail and goals are fully decided by the clients. In addition, the eventual result is fully chosen by the clients.

Completing mediation gives each client the following:

  • A thorough understanding of all aspects and viewpoints pertaining to their situation
  • An undertaking of the feelings and meanings at stake for all involved
  • Concerete option(s) for a resolution based on free will and mutual interest
  • Conlusions that are agreed upon without delayed resentment
  • A draft of an agreement that is clear and concise
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